Tooth Extraction

Though dentists always try to save teeth, sometimes the only way to relieve severe dental pain, swelling, or damage is an extraction.

If you need a tooth extraction, the best solution is to visit Columbus and Starkville, MS, periodontist Dr. John W. Starr.

Dentists often refer out to our doctor for implant placement after extraction, but you can skip a step by visiting Golden Triangle Periodontal Center.

What Kinds of Cases Can Dr. Starr Help With?

​Damaged or Broken Teeth

Maybe you've struggled with bruxism for years. Or, you bit down on a piece of food that cracked your tooth. You may have even been in an accident. While the first course of action is always to save your teeth, a dental extraction may be a necessary procedure to protect your smile and restore your oral function.

Decayed or Infected Teeth

From deep cavities to root canal infections, your teeth may become compromised. Often, early treatment can prevent the need for extraction. However, if you've waited, or if you have a severe case, you can still have a beautiful, healthy smile after your dental extraction — and that's thanks to implant-supported restorations.

Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Starr can often extract wisdom teeth, so you won't need a separate appointment with an oral surgeon. However, if the mandibular nerve is involved or if your wisdom tooth presents a complex case, he'll connect you with a trusted Columbus, MS, oral surgeon. 

What Are My Tooth Replacement Options?

Wisdom teeth do not need to be restored after a dental extraction. In other cases, restorations like these can be tailored to your needs and budget.

Dental bridge and crown implants
Denture implants

For a Single Tooth

Want a secure, natural-looking solution that prevents bone loss? You may be a candidate for a dental crown supported by an implant, which is an artificial tooth root placed in your jaw and gums.

For Multiple Teeth

Some patients may prefer a traditional dental bridge, which is secured to nearby teeth, while others may want an implant-supported bridge. A potential option for several missing teeth is an implant-supported partial denture.

For a Full Arch of Teeth

Implant-supported dentures offer a solution for widespread tooth loss. Worried about candidacy? Patients with bone loss may be eligible for All-on-4® dentures, which require fewer implants and can prevent required grafting.

Immediate Implant Placement

Want a complete smile as quickly as possible? Dr. Starr may be able to offer immediate implant placement after your dental extraction. Good candidates for this procedure have healthy gums and sufficient bone material. The type of tooth being extracted makes an impact, as single-rooted teeth qualify more often for this treatment.

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Why Columbus Patients Go to Dr. Starr

"Excellent. I give him and his staff a 5 on all phases." Robert Holmes Temkovits

How Does Tooth Extraction Work? We'll Explain the Process

Tooth extraction can be a simple, calm experience. How? Our periodontist's knowledge, our three sedation options, and the fact that we accept both financing and insurance.
Tooth extraction can be a simple, calm experience. How? Our periodontist's knowledge, our three sedation options, and the fact that we accept both financing and insurance.

Extraction Consultation

Whether you've been referred by your dentist or you found Dr. Starr on your own, we'll assess your smile and needs during your consultation. Nervous? Our Columbus team can discuss your sedation options and plan ahead for comfortable treatment.

Sedation and Anesthetic

You won't have to worry about discomfort during your tooth extraction, because we'll thoroughly numb the extraction site with a safe dental anesthetic. We can also administer relaxing sedation like nitrous oxide and IV sedation at your request.

Tooth Access

Before beginning, our periodontist will check that you're fully comfortable. Then, he will make an opening in your gum and jawbone.

Dental Extraction

Next, Dr. Starr will remove every part of your affected tooth, including the roots.

Implant Placement

It's possible that our periodontist may be able to place your implants using guided surgery right after your extraction, instead of waiting several months for the area to heal. If that's the case, then he will place an implant into your extraction site, where it will fuse with your jaw and gum over time.

Final Steps

Once your tooth has been extracted, our periodontist will clean the area. He may also place gauze over your extraction site. He'll let you know how long to wear the gauze and detail any other instructions before sending you home.

What Should I Know About Healing From a Dental Extraction?

Some swelling and slight discomfort can be expected after a tooth extraction; over-the-counter pain medications or prescribed painkillers can help ease any pain. It is important to rest for the next day or two. Dr. Starr will send you home with information you need to heal, including what to eat (such as soft foods) and what to avoid (such as drinking with a straw).

He will also talk to you about preventing dry socket, a potential complication of tooth extraction. Dry socket occurs when a helpful blood clot over your extraction site is lost, exposing the bone and nerve. Dry socket can be painful, and can complicate your healing process. If you notice signs your blood clot is missing, reach out to our periodontist immediately.

What a Columbus, MS, Patient Has to Say

"Everyone was great." Lisa Stockman
John Starr D.M.D.

Golden Triangle Periodontal Center

Dr. John W. Starr Jr provides patients in Columbus and Starkville, MS, with exceptional periodontal care. Since 1989, Dr. Starr has performed thousands of successful dental implant procedures. Dr. John Starr is affiliated with national professional organizations including:

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