Frequently Asked Questions
What steps have you taken to ensure infection control procedures are in effect?

Infection control procedures are put in place to ensure the proper care and prevention of the spread of diseases. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have developed recommendations specifically for dental offices and we work hard to ensure that we follow these guidelines for your safety.

Before you enter our examination rooms, all surfaces have been cleaned and decontaminated. This includes the chair, dental light, drawer handles, and countertops. Any protective covers have been replaced after the last patient leaves. Non-disposable tools, like dental tools, are cleaned and sterilized through special machines between each patient. And disposable items, like needles or gauze, have been placed in special bags and containers.

CDC infection control precautions also require dental staff that are directly involved in patient care to wear appropriate protective ger including dental masks, gloves, gowns, and eyewear. These protective items are discarded after each patient and a new set is put on before the new patient arrives.

We take your well-being and health seriously. Infection control is something each staff member works hard to maintain so that your experience in our office is positive and healthy.
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